Friday, 10 February 2012

Sushi buffet at Umai-Ya

Looking back, I'm so lazy I haven't update my blog since I started my masters. Well it was pretty busy and crazy. Since I can have the time to blog now I'd like to start my entry where my bestie treats me for sushi! :)

Mei booked me on a Saturday for a sushi buffet about 2 weeks in advance before I came back for CNY hols. Apparently it's hard to book this restaurant and needs at least 1 month booking in advance. U can try your luck a week before as well.

The last sushi buffet I had was in Tao 2 years back, on chinese new year week as well, and it was a setback. The portion became small and quality wasn't as good as before. Not sure how it is now.

Since it was on the 8th day of Chinese New Year, the suppliers are still in holiday mood. Bad for us cuz we didn't get our oyster and there were no ice creams! :(

Still it wasnt so bad cuz the service was good and we kept ordering Salmon. Lots and lots of them, 49 pieces! might be more too :)

The salmons were fresh!
They actually serve a lot of varieties and I kept eating and forgot to snap pics. Oh greedy me. So I am left of only these few pics :p
cold soba

Unagi was out of stock too and this was the closet i could ordered.

Overall it was alright, I want to come back again to try their oysters and desserts but apparently their price has gone up in Feb as they are expanding the menu. We'll see...

Many thanks to Mei for the treat. I tell myself I HAVE to treat her back in some way, like a green tea latte, but my attempt failed! She returned me the money back so fast and ran back home. Wait till I start working and we'll have a better sushi buffet k Mei! in a 5 star hotel!

for reservations call 0377264410 (Damansara outlet)

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