Monday, 20 February 2012

cafe con leche, por favor

I didn't start drinking coffee till I went to Uni. Seriously. I thought caffeine was bad bad bad.
Till I took a sip of hot aromatic coffee...

WOW! I couldn't stop drinking since. Enjoyed every sip of it.

Can't say I'm a coffee addict cuz a day without coffee is fine for me.
Drinking coffee at night doesn't even keep me awake. I could even sleep so well.
I find paying a high price for coffee is ridiculous. Especially terrible coffee...
But then, in KK, I've been contributing a lot to Starbucks. Howard Scultz should employ me one day...

As much as I love desserts in a fancy cafe/ bistro or restaurants, I'd try their coffee as well. If I find it worth drinking. Recently I went to Alexis,Mid V with Mei to try their cakes and coffee( for me). Loved the cuppacino. :) 

Few days later, had tea time in coffee chemistry. I was wondering what kind of flavour Amaretti is, the waitress couldnt describe to me but showed me a Monin flavoured syrup bottle...Nevermind that.
coffee mocha
 I ordered the Amaretti flavoured cuppacino anyways and when I took a sip, it reminded me of a biscuit that my dad brought back for us. Jo said it's chocolate. But I still feel it's from a biscuit..
Amaretti cuppacino
True to that, when i googled it, it's actually almond macaroons! well..close enough to biscuits.. and Amaretti stands for macaroon in Itallian.

If your friends fancy a cuppa in a cafe but you don't like coffee, no fret. You can opt for green tea latte. It's caffeine free :). Provided it's on the menu that is.

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