Friday, 7 October 2011

Fish me(e)

Ever heard of fish noodles?

Yup, noodles made of fish. Er..not fish as thin as ok my joke isn’t funny.

ANYWAY, I’ve been meaning to try this famous fish mee in Damai since I got back this month but since I don’t have a car yet I couldn’t…till this morning.

ABOUT time that I have to get my jab so I asked Hayden if he can give me a lift to the clinic and I’ll treat him breakfast. Sounds like a good deal eh? =D

APPARENTLY, this fish noodle from a restaurant called Yung Hwa is so famous that it will be sold out by 10am. So we were there 9am. Not too early and not too late. But the place was packed  that we had to wait quite a while before we get ourselves a table.

They say good food is worth the wait.

HOWEVER, my order didn’t come correctly and I didn’t know till I just ate it. It’s impossible they can make fish mee to meehun look-a-like that good. What machine they use to make it so fine like meehun? I thought. The noodle really tasted like meehun, and it IS meehun. :s

fishball meehun RM5
Turns out it was the wrong order they sent but I was OK with it. No big deal cuz the noodles taste good.  Maybe I should have confirmed with the lady who took down my orders . Make a complain.  But it’s the chill-lah.

SO I get to steal some of Hayden’s fish mee. Muahahahha.

fish mee RM6.50

It’s actually just like fishball only in a flat shape. it has a nice firm texture, chewy and little bit of springiness. I'll come back for a bowl of my own fish mee next time.

One thing most I miss about KK when I was in KL is the fish noodles, the beach AND Fu Yuen coffee. Now I'm back I'll be sticking around longer enjoying good food, wonderful friends and spectacular scenery in Sabah. :)

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  1. Yum! So long didn't go back there to eat. Fook Yuan is always about their bread! XD