Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hennesy Artistry at KK White Room

Hennessy Artistry- The Global Art of Mixing.
I was lucky enough to be able join the event this year in Kota Kinabalu as so happened Hayden told me he had extra tickets to White Room for Hennessy Artistry . I was SO EXCITED (ecstatic in fact =p). Just in time when I'm back in KK for my MBA registration week.

registration booth

Ever since I've watched the event in youtube where it featured Fay Hokulani as the host for Johnnie Walker- Black Circuit Lounge Party and also Vodoo in Penang, I really wished I could join one of these cool events someday. My wish came true when Hayden ( told me he had extra tickets and turns out it's from Chloe ( whom I met many months back from KK Twestival AND She's also a finalist from Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010 bagging Miss Charity, Miss Popular and Nature's Guardian. Talk about gorgeous people!- Barney Stinson .Thanks Chloe  :)
from left: Hayden, me and Chloe
As we passed by the photo booth Hayden saw DJ Roxy and he instantly took the opportunity to take a pic with her before she is taken away by some other media personal. He was so proud showing it off to his friend, Yong Lim, who became utterly jealous.

We were also introduced to some fun and games that night where there'd be a chance to win an exclusive limited edition Hennessy bottle for the top 5 scorer of Fruit Ninja. Next to the game counter was a mixing bar where we're taught how to mix our drinks with 4 flavours of our choice, either apple, berry, ginger or citrus. I'd prefer Hennessy apple as it tasted much sweeter.

the tickets wohoo!!

Then we headed to the music mixer corner as if we're the DJs shuffling the music. Not sure if I'm tone deaf of what but I can't tell the difference in the music when I maneuver the disc that looks like carrom disc-only bigger in size.

Feeling a little warmed up we headed to the VIP lounge (oooo feeling exclusive)where all the media/blogger and VIPs hang out. Aside from fun and games so what's the best thing about joining such events??

                                                      Free Flow of Drinks!!!!!! =D
Yoong Lim and I 
 and of course with good company as well as meeting other cool bloggers.

                                       Me and Jessica                               Kate from

Lim taking a pic of me and Sherrie who flew all the way from Kuching to attend this event
 a really cute bun :)
 The moment DJ Roxy starts spinning and doing her thing the feeling was beyond control as if the whole world shook, meaning to say it really made my body feel like dancing along with the beat as the vibration and the wavelength of the music (Give me everything-pitbull feat Neo) transcript to the beat of my heart. Ok I'm talking gibberish but in short. SHE IS AWESOME!
DJ Roxy

I definitely felt as if I'm home in KL with the way DJ Roxy played and suddenly miss my girls and our clubbing times in Zouk, it would have been better with my clubbing kaki around.  It's unfortunate though we couldn't stay longer for DJ Reeve and my legs were already killing me!! According to my friend Joshua, who was working that night for the event said DJ Reeve was 5X better than DJ Roxy. I missed it :(.

Nevertheless it was a great night in KK with our VIP/media passes able to move from upstairs to downstairs, tasting Hennessy drinks, taking great shots (I meant pics) and tearing down the roof by the music played by the invited DJs and not Reshmonu too :). Although It would have been better if the crowds were more happening like in KL. But hey! I can't be comparing as different places has different kind of crowd and  I must say it's definitely the best clubbing night I had in KK!!

showing off our VIP/media passes

                                                    Cheers to Hennessy Artistry @ KK!!

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  1. Woot woot! Thank you for featuring me in your post! It was a great party!!!!

  2. LOL same here Sherrie!!! its was nice meeting you :)