Sunday, 14 August 2011

most delicious finding in balik pulau

When mentioned about Balik Pulau, Penang people will associate it with...............DURIAN! lots and lots of them.

 Unfortunately yours truly here don't like Durian at's been that way since young. I can't stand the pungent smell, slimy and soft texture of the flesh. and my whole family loves them. but me. don't get me wrong  i don't despise durian, just don't like it.

While they are busy enjoying their durian i went to hunt for food and this is what i came for...Balik Pulau LAKSA! 
Siam laksa/lemak laksa
asam laksa
I can proudly say the laksa here is the best compared to the ones i ate in Penang island not to mention that the portion is bigger and the fillings are more and it cost only RM3.50 (Big) . I love the laksa lemak more than the asam one as the taste is rich in flavour and creamier. I don't mind drinking the whole soup as it's really that good! So you're wondering where is this coffee shop that sells this delicious, ho chiak , paling sedap laksa eh? it's in this coffee shop called...

Kim's asam laksa

It's a rather small corner coffee shop and the place is pack especially on the weekends. We were lucky we didn't wait long  for a table. I could see people standing for 30 mins or more and still they are willing to wait for good food. The coffee shop is not that hard to find and its located at a "T" junction. 

As you passed by the bus station located at your right side you head all the way straight till u see a "T " junction with signboards directing to " Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah" where Jo is standing in the pic below.

The coffee shop is just right behind those signboard and if you see there are many people queuing up, you know you're already at the right place. =)

So even though u're not a Durian lover you'd still find something you'll love in Balik Pulau island. 
So Bon App√©tit !

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