Thursday, 28 July 2011

sarawak chinese Museum

We heard great reviews on the Chinese Museum in Kuching so we decided to have a look before it closes at 4:30pm. We almost couldn't make it as it was 4:25pm by the time we reached, but the nice man let us in. He is a volunteer worker to help maintain and operate the place. He saw us coming and knew we weren't locals and let us visit the museum for a while before he really shuts everything down by 5pm.

This museum is donated by the public and the influential Chinese people in Kuching and it's interesting to know about the early immigration of the Chinese people to Malaysia. Everything you want to know (how the chinese came to Malaysia) it's in this museum and it's very informative.There are currently  many chinese groups in Malaysia and some of them i've never heard of eg. Heng Hua and  Chao An.

At every section of the Chinese group there is a recorded conversation of their dialects that can be listen to, by just a push of the button. Some seemed like they are speaking in Korean and some has a mixture of cantonese and hokkien jumble up together.  Don't worry if you can't understand it. There is a translation for you to know what their conversation is right above the button.

As for Jo and I. we're Hakka but we don't know what kind of Hakka we are..but definitely our ancestors came from kwang tong.

Though my bro and I are Hakka, it's sad to say we can't speak our dialects and the uncle said it's a shame and can't blame us cuz most of the youngsters these days hardly speak their dialect. But we can speak Cantonese and Mandarin though as it's essential for a Chinese to know their mother tongue. Or risk getting ppl talking behind your back.

can you spot your family name?

Our family name was listed under this category. i'm not sure what it means apologise cuz my mandarin is somewhat limited. :(

So if u're visiting Kuching be sure to take a stop at the Chinese Museum at Jalan Main Bazaar which is located right opposite Tua Pek Kong temple. Remember don't be late! we're just lucky to be able to get in :p

boy i would love to get this one home.

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