Monday, 27 June 2011

SCMR Accomplished!

Hi all,

This is my ever first entry of my blog. Not quite sure how to start it but I’ve decided to blog about my interest and the things I like to do.

First of, i’m not a very sports person but ever since my friend Suet Ling asked me to join for last year’s Standard Charted Marathon run (SCMR) for 10km.I’ve began to jog, seriously.

I’ve also been active in badminton during my university days (still am) and jogging was just the beginning. Having a beautiful stadium in University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) I never knew how to appreciate it till I was in my final year/final semester that I went there to jog whenever I could.

So as a first timer in 10km I was nervous at the starting line. Luckily I had my music to accompany me, and Suet too, but i went ahead and I didn’t see her (sorry Suet!). I was happy that I could finish the race in 1 hour 22mins. I couldn’t believe it myself as I wasn’t a very active runner in high school, talk about merentas desa..=.=!

Then this year, as I was busy juggling my Final Year Project and preparing for viva voce, Suet texted me again asking if I wanna join for this year’s SCMR 10km. I replied that I wasn’t sure when will I be able to complete everything and be back in KL for the marathon run. So I told her I’ll consider it.

Once my schedule was out. I told her I was up for it….But….it’ll be 21KM!!! 

Why 21KM?! I don’t know..maybe I was so hyped up and wanted to challenge myself further. So I signed up for it. Thinking I was able to train in the stadium as well.

Unfortunately once I sold of my car I couldn’t get to Uni to train (buses don’t operate during semester breaks boohoo!) and training in a small park was demotivating. Though I hitched rides from my friends to train in Bkt Padang and UMS I felt it wasn’t enough. Then training for badminton seems to be the next closest thing since I was joining a small competition.

So when I got back KL and just trained 2 times I went for the run. This time I’ll be running with the guys.
However when we were about to reach Dataran Merdeka by foot (since we parked quite far), they’ve already started counting down “10, 9, 8..”

 Oh shit, we’re late.

Jogging there already warmed us up and we did a little stretching before starting the run, chasing the ppl up front. I was steady, running with the guys till the 4th KM I had to stop for the loo…

Great timing..but nature called..what to do..

Panic struck me while I was waiting in the queue as many people passed me by, for fear that I’ll be the last. Right after, I quickly increase my pace and just go go go!

I know I’m already far behind the guys so I just do my best and keep my pace. By the time I only reached 11.5km and realized there is another 10KM to heart dropped. The mental endurance came it. I can do it. I can do it!!!!  10 more KM only.. Why did I enter this run again? to suffer?

Of course there is no room for doubt but just keep pushing yourself and say you HAVE to since u’ve been training for this.

As I saw the finishing line I was so happy!!! I kept my pace and keep jogging to the finishing line…till I stopped, noticing I was in the wrong lane!! The full marathon lane! Oh the blunder… Luckily there was a small gap in between the lane where I could squeeze myself and finish it off at the half marathon lane. YEY! Am glad I did finished the run in 3 hours and 6 mins..based on the time I saw on the board as I passed through it. To my surprised the guys told me I was just 3 mins behind them.:)

from left: Winson, me and Garrett the finisher of 21km run

Thank you guys for the good start of the run! I had a great time and a great experience to complete the marathon run which I never thought I could. Can’t wait for next year.

Next time I wanna improve my time.=)

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